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 {{:​binding:​continuous:​janome_with_adjustable_seam_guide.jpg?​800|}} {{:​binding:​continuous:​janome_with_adjustable_seam_guide.jpg?​800|}}
-SETTINGS for binding on both machines:+SETTINGS for binding on both machines ​with polyester overlocking thread in the needles and polyester stretch thread for the looper:
 Needles 4.5 Needles 4.5
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 Looper 2.5 (TIGHT for the Janome 2000 CPX) Looper 2.5 (TIGHT for the Janome 2000 CPX)
-{{:​binding:​continuous:​lightly_gathered_edge.jpg?800|}}+In each of the following examples the stitch length is 3.
 +The differential however is different. 
 +In the pic below the differential is set at 1.5 and notice how the fabric gathers a little? 
 {{:​binding:​continuous:​janome_n2_and_3_at_4.5_looper_2.5_tight_stl3.5_dif_1.5_more_gathering.jpg?​800|}} {{:​binding:​continuous:​janome_n2_and_3_at_4.5_looper_2.5_tight_stl3.5_dif_1.5_more_gathering.jpg?​800|}}
 +Here the differential is also set at 1.5 and for a neckline this doesn'​t look too bad. It is still gathering somewhat though so reducing the differential to 1.3 will give a more relaxed edge.
 {{:​binding:​continuous:​neckline_bl_n1_and_2_4.5_looper_1.5_stl_3.5_dif_1.5_pes_stretch_thread_in_looper.jpg?​800|}} {{:​binding:​continuous:​neckline_bl_n1_and_2_4.5_looper_1.5_stl_3.5_dif_1.5_pes_stretch_thread_in_looper.jpg?​800|}}
 +The fabric moves freely into the binding. If for some reason changing the differential does not solve the unwanted gathering, you can always gently hold the fabric back so it feeds into the binding at a lower rate.
 {{:​binding:​continuous:​fabric_freely_moving_into_binding.jpg?​800|}} {{:​binding:​continuous:​fabric_freely_moving_into_binding.jpg?​800|}}
 +And here I have reduced the differential to 0.75 and this time there is virtually no gathering. Every case is different so testing is a must. Some binding is very loose and some may be very tight so the settings may require some tweaking. Sometimes cutting the binding tape 1mm wider or narrower makes it move differently through the binder. So be prepared to sacrifice some binding when you start playing with this accessory!! ​
 {{:​binding:​continuous:​janome_n2_and_3_at_4.5_looper_2.5_tight_stl3.5_dif_.75_straight.jpg?​800|}} {{:​binding:​continuous:​janome_n2_and_3_at_4.5_looper_2.5_tight_stl3.5_dif_.75_straight.jpg?​800|}}
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